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Hexpact MacBook Cases

iBenzer’s Hexpact MacBook protective case is built to withstand the drops and bumps that students, faculty, and staff encounter every day. Thoughtfully designed over a two year period and the winner of numerous innovation awards and patents, the HexPact is next-level protection for your fleet laptop investment. 

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Neon Party MacBook Cases

Our premier Level-One protective case, the Neon Party was recently updated for even tougher polycarbonate protection, and reinforced in just the right places. The Neon Party is available in a variety of colors and laptop designs. This durable case maintains complete access to all ports, and does not disturb your laptop’s engineered airflow.

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BumpTect Stay in Case

Our BumpTect Pro features durable bi-layer protection for your laptop, with rigid corner protection, splash-resistant rubber, and a waterproof zipper. For your MacBook, Chromebook, or any laptop up to 13", the Bumptect Pro stands between your valuable computer and a world of bumps and drops.  

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Keyboard Cover for MacBook 

Available in both silicone and TPU materials, our keyboard covers are washable, form-fitting, and durable for years of daily use. At just 0.14mm thin and individually molded to every key, you’ll forget you’re even using a cover- that is, until a spill or accident. Save both wear on your laptop and protect from a world of liquid dangers with this economical and attractive solution. 

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